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You can have a beautiful website which is fully responsive in all Internet enabled devices. It is written in HTML5 and CSS3 and so looks great in desktop, mobile and laptop format. The website has inbuilt SEO and all the 7 recommended ancillary pages, and these are Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Help, Disclaimer, Bespoke 404 Error Page and About Us. The presence of these pages shows Google and the other search engines that you mean business. This is a fully-fitted, robust business website bristling with top quality attributes for just $45.

How is this possible? Because over 95% of any website’s cost goes into creating its content. And here it is you who supplies the content. This is very easily to do with a free HTML editor. But don’t worry: if you can use a word processor you can use this editor.

This service is based on the excellent and unsurpassed standards set by our Ablesites website design service, which is where we put our market research hat on and asked lots of business owners what they wanted in a perfect website – and we gave it to them. The only difference here is that this is an Ablesites website without the content! Everything else holds loyal to the Ablesites principles and philosophy of 100% perfect delivery. 

Your new website will be optimized around the keywords you supply and these will feature in meta tags as well; thus it is fully SEO compliant.

If you like I can l write unique content for the pages of your website if required. Otherwise I will supply a blank site (apart from the seven ancillary pages) all ready for your content. The seven ancillary pages are all fully written with details about your new site and also contain legally mandatory sections. Some of these pages will require editing to your own requirements for various legal compliance requirements, and where this is necessary it is made very clear.

I will advise on the best domain name to register for your website and web hosting advice free of charge.

How am I able to sell a robust business website for so little? Because most of the time and effort goes into the content – and in this case the content is supplied by you. But don’t worry: if you can use a word processor you can use the free HTML editor I’ll also supply you with. The main pages will expand the more content to put into them; you will not run out of space! 

Or you can supply the content and I’ll insert it at no cost, or you can upload it yourself using a free FTP utility. 

Alternatively I will write the content myself for $65 per page. This will include at least 500 words of unique content per page plus up to 20 images. I will supply appropriate ‘alt’ text for each image for SEO and accessibility purposes.