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You probably have Website, Web store, Blog, … or simply ONLINE BUSINESS!!!So you should know that driving targeted Web traffic and visitors is the most important thing for you.Keyword research is the most important part of Backlinks building in SEO ( search engine optimization ).The best keywords ( high volume of monthly searches ) in your industry are too hard to rank for it and too expensive for online advertising on the Search engines.
Long tail keywords are the only options for the rest of us.

Online & Internet marketing become smarter to use keywords, that target potential customers who are Urgently in need to buy something. So, can we find out what these keywords are, how many sites already use them, the easy ones keywords we can rank for, searching amount .. or just to FINDING THE MOST PROFITABLE KEYWORDS?
Long tail keywords are those two, three and four keyword phrases which are so much specific to whatever you are offering or selling products and service. Whenever a customers uses a highly specific search phrase, they are looking for exactly what they are actually needing and going to buy it straight away. Almost in every case, so many specific searches are more likely to convert to sales, than general generic research -consumers typically do to get more info about it and to making a buying decision.