Local SEO


  • Unified Success SEO & Social Media Marketing Services – Did you know that a whopping 91 percent of small business owners under-utilize the power of their local citations! Only a small group of informed and motivated business owners are making the most of their Google Maps, Tom Tom, Yelp and many other gold mines. Put yourself ahead of the game. We offer services such as logo design, page rejuvenation, scheduled posts, sweepstakes, branded content, and online reputation monitoring.

Why are Unified Success SEO & Social Media Marketing Services the best choice to market your local business?

Just as there is no smoke without fire, there is no modern cookie cutter well functioning local business website without having a strong and well developed foundation. We are the kings of local and national SEO. We pride ourselves in performing quality work for our clients. Our Digital Marketing agency has helped many local businesses to rank in the top 3 spots of Google’s Map listing. There are many differences between local SEO & regular SEO, with that being said, it’s very important to understand that the foundations are similar. With local, it’s important that that we only get links from trusted authoritative sources and stay far away from bad spammy links.


1) Better results and 2) We’re dealing with real businesses, so we want to be safe.

While ranking your local properties will definitely be covered in this action map, we’re also going to focus on branding & authority for the local business(es). If you were to rank a bare-bones, skeleton Yelp page, it wouldn’t do very much good– just as an example. So with our Local SEO strategy, everything is going to revolve around doing “natural looking” syndication, building citations, optimizing the site(s) for a local area, and getting reviews. Much different than our SEO strategy for ranking affiliate sites. However, a big part of “local SEO” can be ranking web 2.0 (parasite) pages, which can also be your citations. While we will discuss boosting your citations, I recommend also checking out the web 2.0 domination action map. Don’t be fooled by flashy hypey headlines and broken promises made by some of the bigger agencies shoveling in clients and not providing good work and end up losing them after a month. Not us, we work hard each and every month, every day building your strong rankings in search engines. If you want to rank high and for a long time then choose us.