Market Bear 2019

Stock market bear 2019
market bear 2019
Bear market 2019 

Interestingly the experts started calling for a bear Market in December right around the time the markets put in a bottom, clearly proving that fear does not pay well. So just before we get into 2019, the so-called experts or otherwise known as Jackasses started to bray that the end was nigh. Once again, the only thing that was nigh was their overblown egos.

If this bear market is anything like the last time, it could take some time to recover. Since World War II, bear markets on average have fallen 30.4 percent and have lasted 13 months, according to analysis by Goldman Sachs and CNBC. When that milestone has been hit, it took stocks an average of 21.9 months to recover.

Even when stocks enter “correction” territory, which is defined by at least a 10 percent drop from a recent high, there’s a long road to recovery. History shows corrections last four months, and equities slide 13 percent before finding a bottom. CNBC

Fear Is Useless when it comes to InvestingThroughout the correction, we went out of our way to state that Fear was a useless emotion and that one should never give into it. We also stated in real time that our subscribers should, focus on the trend, and keep a diary. Those of you that took heed and kept notes will now be in a position to see how your mind operates when it is controlled by fear. Fear pays very poorly, and the only ones that make money are the purveyors of fear. Mass psychology clearly states that so-called stock market crashes are nothing but buying opportunities as long as the trend is up.