Stock Market crash today

Stock Market crash today 
Will stock market crash today
Stock Market crash today or tomorrow

Those that sit and hope for a crash are the ones that will miss out on all the gains they could have banked while they were cowering away in fear. History indicates that every stock market crash to date proved to be a long-term buying opportunity and nothing is going to change that until Fiat is eliminated. Fiat is not going to be eliminated soon as the masses think its way better than Gold. Buy when the masses panic and sell when they are euphoric, following this simple principle could net you a fortune

Stock market crash today or tomorrow; does it really matter if you are not in the markets 

One should never panic for as we have repeatedly stated once you panic the outcome is always negative. What the masses fail to understand is that when you feel good about investing in the markets, the markets are usually dangerously close to experiencing a large correction. One has to go against the crowd if one expects to succeed in the markets. There is no such thing as teamwork when it comes to stock market investing; teamwork does not pay and will ensure that you are always rewarded with a solid kick in the head. The masses cannot win as there is not enough money to go around for everyone.