The Stock Market Trends

Stock market Trends
Trends in the Stock Market
Stock market trends 2019 

A new trend can begin that is based on fake news or false data to create the illusion all is well. Remember that the truth or lies are just a matter of perception. One person will swear that he is telling the truth, while another will swear that he is lying. From an observer’s perspective, both are correct. They are convinced of their position, so all you will do is waste your time and energy trying to sway them. Instead, you are better of letting them battle it out, while you sit down and take a look at the real events that are unfolding, most of which the masses are oblivious too.

From an observer’s perspective, Personal views are on par with toilet paper regarding their relevance in determining trends. Oh, by the way, we also include ourselves into the equation. This is why we do not voice our personal opinions as nothing will change, and if we let our personal opinions cloud our judgement, then the ability to look at the situation objectively is lost. Over time it gets easier and easier to do this, and then one day you wake up, and it is almost like breathing. Practice makes perfect, and there is no better time to start than today for tomorrow never comes. Today is the tomorrow you dreamed of starting something new yesterday but never did and most likely never will.

This is why we have repeatedly stated a trend in motion is unstoppable: whether you and I agree with it or whether it is morally right or wrong is irrelevant. Nothing can stop a trend in motion. This bull market is a perfect example of fake news driving a new trend; all the data imaginable has been manipulated to create the illusion that the economy is doing well. If we had allowed our personal opinions to take over, we would be shorting the markets like so many of the clowns out there and would have lost our shirts, pants, and knickers in the process.

Fake News and trends under the guise of fighting terrorism, fake news and also sorts of other maladies, laws will be passed that will impinge on an individual’s right to express themselves. In that sense, so-called strict states like China, Russia, etc. will swing towards freedom, while the West turns towards total control. Again, we mentioned this topic many time over the course of the years, and so far it is all coming to pass.

We have covered the subject of fake new, market manipulation and many other issues over the years. We will list some of the video articles we created recently that cover these topics succinctly.